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Latest news about VALENCISO

VALENCISO has obtained high marks in the specialist guides and is considered one of the most interesting wines in La Rioja.



ABC GUIA VINO 2016 Spain


The Wine Advocate 93 Puntos Parker

Valenciso 2008: 93 Points

"The palate is lush, full and round, with sophisticated glossy tannins and good acidity..."

Wine Advocates, 93 and 92 points by Parker

Valenciso Reserva 2007: "The characteristic that strikes me as more important here is the balance, something that Valenciso seems to be quite good at, producing classically proportioned wines with the right amount of extraction, acidity and wood. It should age very well."

Valenciso Blanco 2012: "It displays a pale bright yellow color and a clean, subtle nose of flowers and white fruits, with the right amount of spice from the wood, which is very well-integrated into the wine..."

Guía Proensa 2014

Valenciso Reserva 2007, “ Stylized, elegant, very well balanced…” 94 points.


Valenciso White 2012, “ Long, fresh, with volumen…” 92 points.

Valenciso en la Guía Gourmets 2014

Valenciso Reserva 2007 on the “Honour Roll” within the best wines of Spain. “… Tasty, alive, structured...”

Restauradores: the best Spanish wines supplement of 2013

Valenciso Reserva 2006 is awarded with 95 points and Valenciso White with 93 points in the best Spanish wines supplement  of 2013 in the known Restauradores Magazine.

Valenciso 2006, 91 points Guía Repsol

Valenciso Reserva 2006 and Valenciso White 2012 highlighted on the Guía Repsol of the best wines from Spain.

Valenciso White 2012

Iñigo´s Galata article about the prefered whites from Gipuzkoa, highlights Valenciso White 2012. Comments are clear, we are facing a great wine with white fruit and spices...”


Valenciso in the wine route

Valenciso highlighted in the supplement of Rioja Alta in the wine route, from the known magazine Prensa from Rioja.

VALENCISO WHITE BARREL FERMENTED 2012 recommended by the GPS supplement.

David de Jorge´s section in the Gourmet´s weekly supplement of GPS has recommended VALENCISO White 2012.

Valenciso Reserva 2006 Star Performer

VALENCISO achieves 96 points in a blind Tasting of Spanish and Australian Tempranillos conducted by the Australian Magazine Wine Gourmet Traveller.

Guía Vino 2013

VALENCISO gets 92 Points in the Wine Guide 2013 by ABC newspaper.


The worldwide prestigious English Wine magazine Decanter, on the September Issue 2013 published the results of a blind Tasting of Rioja. VALENCISO RESERVA 2006 has been awarded with the “ Outstanding” classification and 96 Points.

Ferran Adria, Creativity to the limit

Logroño was named the Gastronomic Capital in 2012, Francis Paniego, chef of the Echaurren Restaurant and National Gastronomic Award , organized in the beautiful restaurant Tondeluna in Logroño a series of conferences with the most prestigious chefs Andoni L. Aduriz, Lorenzo Cañas, Quique Dacosta… To finish this event and starts parade Ferra Adria was present and VALENCISO was the chosen wine for the dinner.

VALENCISO RESERVA 2006 in the Gourmets guide 2013

VALENCISO RESERVA 2006 is in the honor roll of the red wines in the Gourmets guide 2013.

Excellent comments in the Weekly Supplement at La Vanguardia

VALENCISO receives excellent accolades in the weekly supplement of La Vanguardia: “ A consecuent wine with character of the area, despite of the harvest characteristics, the wine shows a constant profile of complexity, freshness and balance . Thought to drink and enjoy….”

VALENCISO in the Intervinos guide 2013

VALENCISO was classified as Excellent, and is a awarded with 92 points in the Intervinos Guide 2013.

VALENCISO in Proensa Guide 2013

VALENCISO, present in the Proensa Guide 2013 with the best Spanish Wines.


VALENCISO was invited to the Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival, the most important Gastronomic event in Germany.

Wine of the week in Sopa de Ganso and highlighted in Miquel´s Sen Blog.

Interesting point of view of their respesctive blogs from Iñigo Galatas from Sopa de Gansos from @diariovasco.com and Miguel Sen in gastronomiaalternativa.com

Shooping to impress, with Luis Diaz

VALENCISO2004 has been chosen by the critic Luis Diaz from the VOZ de GALICIA as the wines to impress.

WINE ENTHUSIAST Magazine EEUU and Germany Essen Trinken

ESQUIRE Renewed Tradition

On the January Issue of ESQUIRE, Román Herreros recommends the Reserva 2006 as a must for this new season… and he is absolutely right when he says: The Key, as always, is in the grapes; if you carefully look after the grapes, the wine will worth it for sure. Of course, this 2006 vintage makes the point ( and a very affordable price).

Rioja Tasting in elmundovino.com

In the third Tasting dedicated to Rioja, VALENCISO highlight as one of the best wines which wells represent the Rioja´s classicism: the Reserva 2006, absolutely good in a very difficult harvest, it is easy to drink and pleasant as expected from this winery.

Special the best spanish wines 2012 in Restauradores.

VALENCISO Reserva 2006 with 95 points and Valenciso withe with 92 are within the best wines.


In another review conducted by Neal Martin in August 2012 VALENCISO had excellent comments:“  I tasted two impressive Reservas from Compañia Bodeguera de VALENCISO… if you could classified the style, probably will be classified under the “ modern” Rioja, however I personally classified simply under the “ delicious” Rioja”.

Sexy Wine

Stephen Tanzer is a prestigious wine and editor journalist from International Wine Cellar.

VALENCISO Experiences

VALENCISO Experiences

We would like to invite you to do simething different in the quiet summer season, enjoing the landscape and sunset of La Rioja from the Winery terrace and with the good company of a glass of VALENCISO. Does it sound good?If you would like to received the complete program, please do not hesitate to ask for it! valenciso@valenciso.com


The Sobremesa magazine picked 5 wineries which face the crisis with good ideas, VALENCISO is one of them. The magazine APPETITE from Singapore highlights VALENCISO 2005.

The Wine Enthusiast scores Valenciso Reserva 2005 with 92 points.


VALENCISO RESERVA within the best wines of 2012, for ABC

Valenciso Reserva 2005 recommended by the magazine GPS in the Gourmet Section.

Valenciso with the feet on the earth

Interview for the Gastronomy supplement in La Rioja Newspaper.


 Enrique Calduch highlights in his article about Enofusion, the journey of VALENCISO since the foundation.

Francis Paniego match one of his récipes with our VALENCISO Reserva 2005.

Valenciso in The Fine Wine

VALENCISO Reserva 2005 among the best wines of 2011. Todo Vino Wine guide.

Magazine Planeta Vino awards with 96 points to Valenciso Reserva 2005.


91 Parkers Points for VALENCISO Reserva 2005

Open heart with VALENCISO